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Cage Suitable for Hosting Medium-sized Parrots

The external measures are: 55x55x145h, max. height 165 cm (with the upper doors open);?the internal measurements instead are cm 50x50x115h.
The structure is in tubular iron 25x25x1.2 mm powder coated, the grids have a light of 18 mm (the space between one wire and another).
The cage is equipped with a large front door (21×28 cm), which when open also acts as a perch as it remains perpendicular to the aviary and two upper doors that remain open by inserting the 45 cm long perch, 29 mm diameter.
There is an extractable drawer and above a galvanized grid that allows you to remove the drawer for better cleaning of the latter.
Four black wheels (2 with brake and two without brake) allow you to move the cage with ease while keeping it stable at the same time.
The cage is made up of the following items: two transparent plastic feeders, 3 perches (diam 29 mm, 2 pcs 53 cm and 1 pc 45 cm).
There is also a set of transparent plexiglass surrounding the cage: each set consists of 4 plexiglass (cm 48.5x 16H).