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Cage Suitable for Hosting Medium or Large Parrots

An original and beautiful aviary for medium / large parrots: under the “house” and above the perch.
The structure is in varnished square tubular iron (25x25x1.2 mm), the grids have a light of 22 mm (the space between one wire and another).
Starting from the top, as a perch, there is a special shaped perch (diam 40, 80 cm), specially designed to prevent the paws of parrots from atrophying and two painted metal feeders (diam. 12 cm) placed on a bracket that rests on the why.
Inside the aviary there are 3 other perches (diam.29mm): 2 short (53 cm) and one long (85 cm).
Hanging from the shaped upper perch, there is a natural hemp rope that acts as a conjunction between the perch and the cage itself and a painted swing on the bottom of which there is a perch diam 29 mm, cm 25.
In addition there are two sets of plexiglass, covered with protective film that surround the aviary: each set consists of 2 short (48.5×16 cm) and two long (79.5×16 cm) and a set of plastic corners (each set consists of four transparent corners).
There are four clear plastic feeders at the base of the cage.
Four black wheels (2 with brake and two without brake) allow you to move the cage with ease while keeping it stable at the same time.
The front door (35x40cm) can also be used as a ladder for the parrot to enter and exit the cage.
There is a removable painted drawer and a grid above that allows you to remove the drawer for better cleaning of the latter.
In the cage there is a second grid that acts as a roof, as it is inserted right under the perch with the possibility of fixing it to the aviary using a particular screw.