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Menu Vital Mouse 400 gms

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Menu Vital is a species-appropriate, balanced mix for mice and gerbils , which not only taste the animals delicious, but also give them everything they need for a healthy life. The proven vital complex also prevents deficiency symptoms and ensures an extra boost of vitality! 

Valuable cereals, high-quality seeds, healthy vegetables ... The mixture contains many tasty ingredients that small rodents would also look for in nature, and is made according to a sugar-free recipe . Vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements also help in optimal care of the animals. Menu Vital - our "original" for healthy nutrition of mice and gerbils! 

+ Proteins:High quality animal proteins help to meet the energy needs of moving animals. 

+ Balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio for a healthy bone structure 

+ odor stop: Our special active ingredient combination ensures better air in the rodent home. In a natural way, unpleasant odors are bound and their formation is reduced.

  • For mice and gerbils
  • Mixture with valuable grains, seeds, vegetables and fruits
  • Contains vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • With high quality extrudates
  • Sugar-free recipe
  • Without artificial flavors
  • Without preservative substances
  • In the resealable aroma fresh bag


Complete feed for mouse and gerbil


Cereals 62.6% 
Seeds 10.8% 
Vegetable By-Products 
Vegetables 9.4% 
Fruits 3% 
Soft and Crustaceans 1% 
Yucca Schidigera Extract


Calcium 0.66% 
phosphorus 0.45%

Additives / kg:

Nutritional physiological additives:

3a672a, Vitamin A 8817 IE 
3a671, Vitamin D3 892 IU 
E8, Selenium 0.077 mg 
3b202, Iodine 0.01 mg 
3b603, Zinc 2.80 mg 
3b502, Manganese 20.10 mg 
3b103, Iron 13.10 mg 
3b405, Copper 2, 64 mg

Technological additives:

> 1g568 clinoptilolite 5670 mg 


Feeding recommendation:

Per mouse about 4-6g (1 teaspoon) / per gerbil about 7-10g (2 teaspoons) a day + fresh water.
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