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Cat Grass Refill

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With Vitakraft Cat Grass you can offer your cat delicious, healthy cat grass in every season . A valuable supplement for your pet, because cats swallow a lot of hair in their daily hygiene - and the fresh green helps to eliminate the resulting in the stomach hairballs easier again .

  • High-quality seed mixture for planting in potting soil
  • Fresh cat grass in every season
  • For the supply of natural vitamins and minerals
  • Helps the cat excrete hairballs
  • Ideal for all cats

Please always make enough Cat Grass available so that your cat has a healthy alternative to houseplants, because they are not suitable for the cat food and can cause poisoning.


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1. Sprinkle the seeds evenly, cover with potting soil about 1 cm and press lightly. 2. Add enough water until the soil is saturated. 3. In just a few days sprouts fresh, juicy green. Always keep Cat Grass slightly moist and set it in a warm, bright spot with no direct sun.
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