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Bird Sand 2.5 kg

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Sandy bird sand is the ideal basis for a clean, hygienic bird home. The natural product consists of high quality quartz sand - specially rounded, cleaned and dried. As a species-appropriate bedding Sandy reliably binds moisture and ensures a pleasant fresh scent.

  • With the PLUS for a healthy bird life:
  • + Gastric pebbles: important to aid digestion. Gastric pebbles help in the gizzard when crushing the grain feed - because birds have no teeth and therefore can not chew their food.
  • + Shellgrit: Rich in minerals and trace elements. With the grit, the birds take u.a. Calcium on - important for a healthy bone structure.
  • + Aniseuft: Sandy provides with anise for a pleasant, subtle fragrance in the bird's home. For hygienic cleanliness - and freshness!

  • Bird sand with anise fragrance
  • For a hygienic birdhouse
  • Natural product of quartz sand
  • Specially rounded grains
  • Cleaned and dried


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Best daily, at least but 2-3 times a week sprinkle fresh Sandy bird sand into the bird's home.

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