Buy Dog Food in UAE

We offer a comprehensive selection of premium pet supplies for dogs, including high-quality food, treats, and supplies. Our product range caters to your dog's unique dietary needs and includes options from top-rated brands such as Vitakraft, Taste of the Wild, Hills’ Science Plan, Purina Pro Plan, Nylabone, and more.

From dry food options to wet food and supplements and treats from chewings to snakes. Additionally, our supplies range from accessories to toys, dog cages and carries to leads and collars. In other words, you can trust that our products are of the highest quality and will keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

Which pet dog food brand is available?
The following are the brands of dog food offered by Animal World:
     • Royal Canin dog food
     • Vitakraft dog food
     • Pro Plan dog food

Why is dry food important for your dog?
Dry food is important for dogs because:
     • Dry food provides a balanced diet.
     • Dry dog food has a longer shelf life as compared to wet foods.
     • It can be fed to dogs of all life stages.
     • Dry food It can be left out for dogs to snack on throughout the day.
     • Dry dog food can help control weight by promoting slower eating.